CP Web Tools Changelog

# Changelog

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

## [1.0.2] - 2024-04-07

- ICS to CSV Converter: A new tool that allows users to easily convert their calendar files from ICS format to CSV format, facilitating easier data manipulation and integration with spreadsheet applications.

- PNG Image Resizer: This feature enables users to resize PNG images either to specific dimensions or by reducing their size by a percentage, offering a versatile solution for image management and optimization.

- vCard to CSV Converter: With this addition, users can seamlessly convert their contact files from vCard format to CSV format, simplifying the process of organizing and integrating contact information into databases or spreadsheets.

- EXIF Data Viewer: This tool allows users to view detailed EXIF metadata of their JPEG images, providing valuable information about camera settings, geolocation (if available), and other metadata insights crucial for photographers and image analysts.

- JPG Compression Tool: A newly introduced tool that reduces the file size of JPG images without compromising on quality, ensuring users can save bandwidth and storage space while maintaining visual fidelity.

- JPG Resizing Tool: This feature offers users the ability to quickly resize JPG images online to either desired dimensions or by a specified percentage, enhancing flexibility in image management and preparation for web or print use.

- Various bug fixes and stability improvements to ensure a smoother user experience across the platform.

## [1.0.2] - 2024-01-16

- Added Open AI ChatBot.

- Added Mortgage Calculator.

- Added Percentage Calculator.

- Added Email Address Validator.

## [1.0.1] - 2023-11-04

- Mailto Link Generator functionality allowing users to create `mailto:` links with customizable email address, subject, and body content.

- Google reCAPTCHA integration on the Mailto Link Generator form to validate user authenticity.

- Copy to clipboard feature for the generated `mailto:` HTML code snippet.

- User feedback with an alert notification when the `mailto:` HTML code is copied to the clipboard.

- Adeed Godaddy API with domain name suggestion tool.

- Added password generator

- Fixed an issue with Namecheap affiliate links. Now using Shareasale instead of Impact. 

- Adjusted CSS to ensure that button text remains white across all states in the Domain Checker feature.

## [1.0.0] - 2023-11-02

- Initial release